[Harp-L] Bass harmonica on stage

Michael Rubin michaelrubinharmonica@xxxxx
Sat Jun 24 11:07:35 EDT 2017

Although I defer to the master George Miklas I use the Suzuki Bass Harp mic
into a gallien kruger bass amp. Now a Suzuki Bass is ideal because there
are two reeds for each note on a standard bass, each an octave apart. The
Suzuki Bass puts the low reeds in the center which picks up better by the
mic. The Hohner harp puts the low reeds towards the outsides of the harp
and doesn't pick up as well. However the reed plates can be switched. I
have a Hohner whose plates are set up like a Suzuki.

On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 9:21 AM George Miklas <harmonicat at xxxxx> wrote:

> IMHO,  Add an active EQ to the SM-58.  With the tap of the toe, the mic
> goes from acoustic harp to bass harp.
> A better choice for this purpose would be the Shure SM-57, or Sennheiser
> e604 due to their extended lows I the frequency response curve.
> On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 10:17 AM <tmcg at xxxxx> wrote:
> > I am looking for advice on the best way to amplify bass harmonica on
> > stage. I play in a Jimmy Buffett tribute act, and we will be playing
> Smart
> > Woman (in a Real Short Skirt). It's got some nice bass harp throughout,
> > including the low E. For prior (no bass harp) shows, I've been playing
> > through my vocal mic--a SM58 Beta for acoustic harp tunes, and through a
> > bullet-style mic to a small Fender amp (that's mic-ed)for the crunchy
> harp
> > tunes.  We have an eight piece band that's pretty loud. I was going to
> try
> > to play the bass harp through the vocal mic, but I think it not going to
> > cut through all the other instruments.  I'm also limited to my two inputs
> > into the sound board. I'm thinking maybe a clip on style mic for the
> bass,
> > and an A/B switch for the Fender amp. Any suggestions for which mic to
> > consider buying, and/or how to set up a suitable rig to project the bass
> > harp? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Tom McGovern
> > Richmond, MI
> >
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