[Harp-L] Questions on Bending/OB/OD and Scales/Music/TAB

Leonard Schwartzberg leonard1@xxxxx
Sun Apr 23 10:18:24 EDT 2017

Good morning guys.    I'm a low-level intermediate player, mostly trying to
tongue block, but seemingly puckering on the 2 and 3 draw bends (my skill on
TB those holes needs lots more practice).   The more I play and study, the
more confused I am.   I'm coming across several new terms.   Perhaps someone
can help me make heads or tails out of the terms, or conversely, tell me to
concentrate on bending 1 -5 holes and leave the other terms for the future
(whatever that means).   As I've said there are several, somewhat similar
terms (but they really aren't similar):

.         Bending Draw Notes (I assume that's normal bending on 1-6)

.         Bending Blow Notes??

.         Over Blowing (I assume that's bending while you blow??  1-6 or
other holes?)   Does it raise the pitch?   How does it work and how do I
know when the note is hit?   How to do it?

.         Over Bends ???  (raise/lower pitch?   How to do it?)

.         Over Draws ???     "         "              "              "

.         Bent Notes (I assume same as Bending Blow Notes?)

.         Draw Bends ??? same as Bending Draw Notes?

Next topic:   Scales...

                Scale Degrees (on C.. 1=C; 2=D; 3=E, etc)?

                Harmonica TAB (1+ 2 2'', etc. as per music)

                Notes on staff (EGBDF, FACE... but when changing harp to A
HARP, do we still read the notes as EGBDF, etc.?   or, if reading music, do
we need to transpose in our head?)

                Notes on scale (cdefgabc) but when changing harp (let's say
to A harp), once again, how to sight read the notes?   Or do we need to
write down the scale degrees? Or the TAB? Or??)


Lots of questions, all somewhat related, but need to really CLARIFY what I'm
playing so that the learning process becomes more directive, effective, and
clear.   Thanks, Leonard



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