[Harp-L] Upcoming harmonica courses

joff watkins joffharp@xxxxx
Wed Apr 19 06:58:05 EDT 2017

Hi guys, I will be running two harmonica classes at Morleycollege this term.

Check out the link or contact me for more details

Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7HT,U.K.

Harmonica 1C  

1830-2000 Wednesdays 26/4/17 – 5/7/17   10 weeks

If you can bend notes to some degree this is for you. Thisterm we will be covering more advanced bending techniques, tongue blocking,blow bending, first position, amplified playing, and improvisation.


|   |  
 Learn how to play tunes and understand the basic music theory on this interesting 10 week Harmonica 1C course at...  |  |



Harmonica 2C  

2000-2130 Wednesdays 26/4/17- 57/17 10 weeks

For players who can bend notes well. This class will coverplaying in multiple positions, study of some of the great players, advanced tongueblocking techniques, playing different genres, how to play overblows, and more advancedimprovisation.



Joff Watkins

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