[Harp-L] Lucky 13

Derwood derwood.blues@xxxxx
Fri Nov 11 21:12:42 EST 2016

I got my Lucky 13 a few weeks ago. I got an A. I already have a SBS in C. I
replace the comb of the SBS which was a huge improvement, but the low draw
reeds hit the cover. (anyone have a source of SBS modified covers?)

I am a basic blues player. Nothing special. I play lots of different harps
but most are Hohner MS series harps with replacement combs. They work great
for me. That's who these comments are coming from.

Anyway, I love the Lucky 13. It plays great for me.  I would replace all my
keys (or at least the higher tuned ones) if I could afford it and didn't
already have lots invested in perfectly good 10 hole harps.I also already
have low keys in D and F. I sometimes switch between low and high
throughout a song. The Lucky 13 makes that simpler. The SBS is longer and
more than I really use. The Lucky 13 was responsive right out of the box. I
do a little tweeking at times when reeds are less than responsive. I had no
need to do that.

Thank you Mr Powers on a great concept and a great finished product.


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