[Harp-L] Dee's Free Gaskets

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Wed Nov 16 07:37:11 EST 2016

Hey guys. Dee (Don Makowski) from Dee's Finely Tuned Instruments here. I have 
developed and manufactured sealing gaskets for Hohner Special 20, Lee Oskar, and 
Seydel Session diatonic harmonicas. The gaskets (2 per harp) seal between the 
brass reed plate and plastic comb. They are made from .005 thick foods grade 
ptfe and are washable/re-usable and will not mold. I have had several people try 
them out as well as testing them extensively myself over the past 6 months and 
all have seen a noticeable improvement in the harps response. I want to offer 
these to the community for free for a short time to get a general consensus. If 
you contact me through my website with your address and type of gasket you need 
I will send 2 at no charge. I have never been a Lee Oskar guy but after putting 
the gaskets on I love those harps. I am really excited about this and I think 
you will be amazed at the difference! www.deesfti.com 

---- captron100--- via Harp-L <harp-l at xxxxx> wrote: 
> Can someone please post the info or link from when these gaskets were offered.  I was away for a month and am unable to find it.  Thanks in advance.
> Ron 

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