[Harp-L] Shout out to David Naiditch

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sat Nov 12 15:33:02 EST 2016

I was in Barcelona this week, and I went to a small saloon called Astrolabi
to sit in with Joan Pau Ruiz Camullas, whose banjo player from the
Barcelona Bluegrass Band was playing that night.  It turned out that the
club was booked until 9:30 for a banjo workshop hosted by one Ron Cody (
http://roncody.com/), who along with mandolist Jesse Brolin supports
singer/songwriter Caroline Cotter on tour.  Cotter and band were in town to
play at the Barcelona Bluegrass Festival the next day.

I sat down to check out the workshop, which was certainly new and
different; can't remember the last time I was in a small room with ten
banjo players.  Anyway, after the workshop I talked to Cody, and when I
told him I played the harmonica he brought up David Naiditch, whose
bluegrass chromatic harmonica stylings he obviously considered to be

So David, keep doing what you're doing to make the world of bluegrass safe
for chromatic harmonica.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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