[Harp-L] Re: The "newest" Stradivarius of Harmonicas!

Daniel dany_perrone@xxxxx
Tue May 10 08:44:14 EDT 2016

Chris wrote“Wow, as one of the longest running comb makers who was first to introduce several materials like fantasy marble/fancy acrylic, micarta, etc. I'm blown away by the level of tension this conversation brings out. Everybody just calm down, relax, step away from the mic and take a deep breath.Â
Whether you think material makes a difference or not, just relax, its cool. “I mean a fancy paint job doesn't make a hotrod go faster, but if it makes you more proud of it then right on, mission accomplished. I make combs from a lot of different materials so folks can personalize their harps, that's always been my main goal, make them last longer and look nicer. When I want to make them play better I work on the reeds.Â
There's nothing wrong with changing the look of your harp because you like the look of another material, there's also nothing wrong with doing it because you think it sounds better. Ultimately its all about what makes you happy, and honestly that's the most important part.Â
I'm jealous Jon, you replaced all my acrylic combs? Haha
ChrisBlowyourbrassoff.com”________________________________________________ Hey Chris, I still have the golden melody stainless steel engraved comb you hand made 8 years ago when you first started. I think at the very beginning you only had basic toolsand working on stainless steel I am sure was not easy.So I treasure that comb ( and I never worried or gave thought if it made any difference in sound LOL )Daniel

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