[Harp-L] Re: The "newest" Stradivarius of Harmonicas!

Robert Coble robertpcoble@xxxxx
Fri May 13 10:12:42 EDT 2016

I am absolutely STUNNED at the response to my original email. I was focused on the "business model" similarity
between this offer and previous offers by FBN Harmonicas, Inc. It never crossed my demented mind that it would 
resurrect the ancient but perennially "fresh" comb materials debate. I had thought that "the science is settled" 
and that a "consensus" had been reached on that subject. Foolish me! The monster has come back to life!

My apology to the Harp-L community: I thought I was sounding a cautionary note about buying "pigs in a poke."
Obviously it is more important to discuss the COMPOSITION of the "pigs" (without examination) than to consider 
if there actually are any "pigs" IN the poke.

Crazy (from falling off the turnip truck on my head) Bob

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