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Short answer; match your bends with a keyboard. 

 (This is true for achieving any bend; saves a lot of time guessing and wasted at trial & error.

 3 hole bend is  probably the 2nd bend on Hole 3 (Bb).

The best way to get get bends under control is with a piano keyboard. purchase an electronic keyboard from about $50. For those with lots of cash, go for the $100 model.

On the C harmonica, the draw note on Hole 3 is B. 1st bend Bb, 2nd bend A and 3rd bend Ab.

Play the B, Bb, A, Ab on the piano keyboard and match the pitch on the harmonica. This is failsafe. It is impossible to get wrong. This is relative pitch. This is matching pitch. Not perfect pitch.

Play them up and down -- high to low; low to high. Getting used to the different pitches makes it easier to separate the various bends. 

Golden Melody and Lee Oskar (tempered tuning will probably sound better with a tempered tuned keyboard).

Check your chromatic tuner against the harmonica to make sure the harmonica is on pitch.

Lots of luck,

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Wrote a jazzy song in G minor. I checked it on the synthesizer. A plain
minor pentatonic fits well. So I figured I would just use a C harp in 2nd

43 years of playing, still can't hit that 3 hole draw bend accurately.

The harp's old. I'll blame it on that. Buying a new C harp, and buying a
minor key harp as well.




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