[Harp-L] 3 hole bend

cljdm@xxxxx cljdm@xxxxx
Fri Jun 3 10:13:44 EDT 2016

That 4 note 3 hole is a tonality bugger for sure Jim...the heart of the harp though.
Refreshing to hear I am not the only one who is still trying to perfect these 4 notes.

Going to practice now, ChrisM 

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On Friday, June 3, 2016 jim.alciere <jim.alciere at gmail.com> wrote:
Wrote a jazzy song in G minor. I checked it on the synthesizer. A plain
minor pentatonic fits well. So I figured I would just use a C harp in 2nd

43 years of playing, still can't hit that 3 hole draw bend accurately.

The harp's old. I'll blame it on that. Buying a new C harp, and buying a
minor key harp as well.




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