[Harp-L] six hole draw bend

jim.alciere@xxxxx jim.alciere@xxxxx
Thu Jul 14 08:48:58 EDT 2016

By bending the six draw, I was announcing that the chorus would be in a
different key, up a whole step. Switch from 2nd to 4th position

Didn't know you could change keys for a chorus. Thought that only happened
during the bridge. Live and learn.


​*Move the progression to a new key.* This is a great solution for a song
that uses an identical (or almost identical) progression for the verse and
chorus. Simply move the chorus to a new key. Because the chord progression
will still be the same, but starting on a new tonic, there’s a sense of
recharged energy. EX: VERSE: C  F  C  F  Dm  Am  F  A. CHORUS:  D  G  D  G
 Em  Gm  G  G7..




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