[Harp-L] International Blues Blowoff Details - aka SPAH Blowoff

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Fri Jul 15 00:11:34 EDT 2016

For blues folks attending SPAH for the first time, the IBB  is THE place to 
be on Tuesday evening.  With so many great  players in town this 5 1/2 hour 
showcase is always loaded with some of  the heaviest hitters on the planet. 
 Many of the names you'll  certainly recognize, but one of the most 
compelling things about  the IBB, at least for me, is that some cat you never heard 
 of from Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Russia or maybe a town  30 miles from 
your home will take the stage and just kill  it. 
There's a nice mix of traditional acoustic and Chicago  style amplified 
performances, and always a change-up or three  over the course of the night 
that gets outside the box.  This year's  change-up's include Tim Gonzalez, this 
madman is bringing his  band all the way from Nashville just to do his 25 
minute set!  I  think you'll really dig Tim's Latin infused take on the blues.
The IBB is a popular tradition for SPAH attendees,  it's not 'officially' 
part of SPAH but after around 15 years the  relationship is solid.  It's the 
only SPAH related music event that's  not at the hotel, which lets you grab 
a meal somewhere other than where  you'll be holed up the rest of the week.  
Since I inherited  the producers job in St Louis we've been using the tip 
jar to raise an  annual donation to SPAH's Youth Fund. I'm actually kinda' 
choked up by the  generosity of the crowd every year.  Most who donate know 
they get a lot in  return, the young guns you see in the IBB Youth Showcase 
and all  around SPAH are supported by this fund, they are indeed our  future.
The show is at Sam's Burger Joint this year, it's a national venue with  
nice stage and sound.  www. samsburgerjoint.com  Only problem is that  is 100 
seats smaller than last years sold out venue in Denver.  If you want  to 
attend I suggest you get your tickets right away.  You buy them directly  from 
Sam's website.  Full details are at www.  harmonicaplanet.com/blues-blowoff. 
 The show is $25, but if you are  a current SPAH member or registered for 
the convention you can ask me  for a discount code that will reduce the price 
to $15.  Just go to the  above noted Harmonica Planet web page, read the 
event description and then  ask for your discount code.  Once you have it then 
go to Sam's  website to enter it and buy your tickets online.  I'll hold 
back a small  handful of tix, not many, to sell at the hotel on Monday and 
Tues before I  head to Sam's.  Sam's is only 1.3 miles from the hotel, so worth 
 stopping by and checking at the door if you didn't buy in advance.
Johnny Sansone, Dave Moore, Joe Filisko with Eric Noden, Bertram  Becher, 
Todd Parrott and Madcat are just some of this years featured  artists!  Some 
heavy hitters in the house band too, more on them  later.
Christopher Richards
www. harmonicaplanet.com
Producer - International Blues Blowoff
Staging and Production - SPAH   www. spah.org
Twin Tone Mic's - Tone Defender Cables

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