[Harp-L] Alan Wilson solo on Boogie Chillen #2 on the hooker and heat album

pdxharpdog@xxxxx pdxharpdog@xxxxx
Wed Aug 17 23:59:16 EDT 2016

List: Jason Ricci has a you tube video on Blind Owl's solo on this album and I have been working on different harp solo parts on a std. D harp that work with this cool tune. It's a super cool groove and tons of fun to play on. One question I have for those who know the tune and Alan Wilson's playing - at 6:57 mark in the song, he plays two notes that are lower than the lowest note on a std. D diatonic. He goes on to play notes lower than hole 1 blow until the 7:10 mark when he heads back up into std. 10 hole layout. territory. 

Was he playing a 12 hole diatonic or something with more notes on the low end? It doesn't sound to me like he's switching harps anywhere in that section of his solo. Any of you Blind Owl Canned Heat freaks out there know? 


Ross Macdonald 

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