[Harp-L] Guitar and Bass Expo 8/20/16

Peter Sheridan jukejelly@xxxxx
Wed Aug 17 12:55:37 EDT 2016

     On Saturday, August 20, I will be a returning vendor at the 3rd Annual
Guitar and Bass Expo, held at The Inn at Reading, 1040 Park Road,
Wyomissing, PA.  This is a great opportunity to check out loads of vintage
and current gear and shmooze with players from all over the East Coast.
Admission is FREE for the first time! These guys must be doing something
right, as the roster of vendors continues to grow and reviews have
been nothing but extremely positive.

     I will have a variety of harp-related items for sale this year,
including a large number of harp mics, a selection of vintage harps
(including some pre-war models), plus books, mic parts, CDs and cassette
tapes. I will also have a group of vintage guitars and amps, plus a variety
of tubes, speakers, guitar parts, and accessories, including a couple of
vintage DeArmond pickup systems for archtop guitars. All gear is USA-made
and all harps are German-made, mostly by Hohner.

     A couple of vintage items I'll be bringing that may be of interest to
harp players:

1) A Premier tube Reverberation Unit, Model 90, in near mint condition.
It's two-tone brown and cream, serial # 108719 and has the original foot
switch. As described in my first book "The Quest For Tone In Amplified
Blues Harp", the tone is outstanding and this is a great accessory for any
older amp lacking reverb.

2) A Sonny Jr. SJ-1 harp amp (Sonny's first amplifier) in near mint
condition. It's tweed and comes with a brown Tuki cover. One of the first
amps made specifically for harp, the design was based on vintage Masco PA
amps and the legendary Danelectro Commando Model 88, also issued as the
Silvertone Model 1337.

     The show runs from 11 AM till 5 PM and there is plenty of free
parking. All harp players and guitarists in the area are invited to share
in the laid back atmosphere and good time vibes. Additional details about
the event are available online.

Pete Sheridan
Jukester's Harmonica Supplies
Vintage Harp Mics, plus...
email: jukejelly at xxxxx

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