Re: [Harp-L] CD: 'Somewhere on the edge of time'

On Apr 23, 2016, at 4:24 AM, Jerome P. wrote:

> Hey, I know this shelf !!! I've got the same one at home !!!
> But mine is a "middle shelf" cause I'm so lazy that I don't want to bend myself to take my preferred CDs :-)

Mine is on my bed's headboard. So bottom is easy to reach. I grab a few CDs when I have to drive to a gig. I have a 2006 scion Xb station wagon. Looks like a shoe box BUT it has a really nice mp3 player
and six speakers. I have to be careful listening to your stuff when I drive. Because I might loose concentration and wind up...speeding. 

> Very honored to be on a special shelf somewhere in another part of the world !

you earned it Le Roi de la cite 'd'parfum. 
> Yep, Sebastien Charlier, to my opinion, is the most impressive harp player ever.

I also like the hombre from Mauritius...or is that La Reunion? 

> His chorus on my album is something that has never been heard before. He simulates an electric guitar so well (sound & licks) that a professional guitarist friend of mine was really troubled about it, not being sure if it was a guitar or not.
> BTW his next album should be released soon (before summer as far as I know).
> Oh, concerning your previous question, I don't think it is in the Perrier water. My guess is that there is something strange with our cheese.

Ha ha ha, La Fromage  

> These could be so dangerous for non used people that we are not allowed to export them in many countries around the world.
> I say : one should always be careful of a man who can eat Camembert & Roquefort for breakfast :-)

And then plays harp........ imagine the..'aroma'. 

Auguri e buon fortuna
> Take care,
> Jerome Peyrelevade

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