Re: [Harp-L] CD: 'Somewhere on the edge of time'

Hey, I know this shelf !!! I've got the same one at home !!!
But mine is a "middle shelf" cause I'm so lazy that I don't want to bend
myself to take my preferred CDs :-)
Very honored to be on a special shelf somewhere in another part of the
world !

Yep, Sebastien Charlier, to my opinion, is the most impressive harp player
His chorus on my album is something that has never been heard before. He
simulates an electric guitar so well (sound & licks) that a professional
guitarist friend of mine was really troubled about it, not being sure if it
was a guitar or not.
BTW his next album should be released soon (before summer as far as I know).

Oh, concerning your previous question, I don't think it is in the Perrier
water. My guess is that there is something strange with our cheese.
These could be so dangerous for non used people that we are not allowed to
export them in many countries around the world.
I say : one should always be careful of a man who can eat Camembert &
Roquefort for breakfast :-)

Take care,

Jerome Peyrelevade

2016-04-22 20:03 GMT+02:00 Joseph Leone <3n037@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> On Apr 22, 2016, at 12:43 PM, Jerome P. wrote:
> Thanks again for your very encouraging words, Joe !
> Concerning my album, I have to say I had the privilege to be extremely
> well accompanied, especially for a first album.
> Boy, I'll say. The musicianship from EVERYONE was bottom shelf. Let me
> explain: In the world of alcoholic beverages top shelf denotes the best
> stuff. MY world I keep my CDs on a shelf and it's the
> BOTTOM shelf that's important. That way I don't have to reach very far to
> select my favorite CDs. Your Cds are on that bottom shelf and will get a
> LOT of play time. They're that pleasant to listen to.
> There are a lot of great players in this world but you are unique. Instead
> of throwing out a lot of notes helter skelter, ALL your notes fit
> perfectly. Never too many, never too few. And NO flubs.
> I don't know for the US, but Dominique Di Piazza is a living legend in
> Europe & Asia, Remi Toulon is one of the best french pianists (qualified "a
> wonderful swing machine" by Rhoda Scott), and I also had Sebastien Charlier
> as a guest, who played a very impressive chorus.
> I hadn't heard the others before but 'Sebastianio' has been on my radar
> for..oh..maybe 25 years or so. Phenominal player.
> As you said, the CD is available on my site.
> One can also listen to extracts here :
> Concerning Antonio's album, the themes were so difficult to be played on a
> diatonic that after long hours of training, playing exactly with him didn't
> seem so complex :-)
> Uh-huh. I gave the difficulty factor a 95.9-96.0. I still don't know how
> you manages the impeccable timing. And long hours for you would have been
> long years for me. And I would still loose.
> Joseph Leone (dba smokey-joe and the cafes)
> Best regards,
> Jerome Peyrelevade
> 2016-04-20 20:47 GMT+02:00 Joseph Leone <3n037@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> >
>> > 2016-04-05 23:56 GMT+02:00 Joseph Leone <3n037@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> >
>> > Ok, what happened t'other day was that a package came in the mail from
>> France. It contained 2 CDs. I was able to play one today as I was on the
>> road
>> > and my little car has a good mp3 player.
>> >
>> > Hot dang..I was totally stunned. Not an easy task to stun me, but there
>> I was. I had to pull over and listen to this CD by 'Jumpin Jivin Jerome
>> Peyrelevade'
>> > Le Roi et l'harmonica diatonique. Admittedly this is modern jazz and
>> may be a bit deep for some, but I think it is 'Fantastique'. And this young
>> man IS quick.
>> >
>> > Some of the runs reminded me of Django's style. Some of the timing
>> reminded me of the famous 'Spain' (by Barbieri). But all in all it is the
>> most original
>> > sound I have ever heard. A bit of French influence on bee bop, re bop,
>> hard bop, and Latin. Oh, did I mention that this guy is quick?
>> >
>> > smokey-joe
>> >
>> Update:
>> Ok, Sunday night enroute to the gig I had a chance to listen to the
>> second CD sent to me by 'Jumpin Jivin Jerome' (Peyrelevade). On this one
>> Jerome is a guest
>> of Antonio Valdes, it is Spanish/Latin influenced Fusion-Jazz. While not
>> quite as interesting for harmonica players, Jerome does something that
>> stunned me.
>> And trust me, I am not easily stunned. Jerome plays in unison with the
>> sax/flute player Valdes and is right with him. Note for note.
>> I mean there is absolutely NO time lag between the two of them. Not even
>> a split second. This is extremely difficult to do. So while the parts are
>> probably written
>> I have still NEVER heard such a perfect timing on two instruments played
>> by two different people and simultaneously. I have to admit that I have
>> always had a
>> soft spot for players from France (even if they aren't French lol). They
>> never play mechanically. They play from the guts. They don't just play to
>> make notes. They
>> play life. It must be something in the water? Perier anyone?
>> One can listen to extracts of the album, and order it (CD + mp3), here
>> (english speaking) :
>> smokey-joe & the Cafes.

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