Re: [Harp-L] CD: 'Somewhere on the edge of time'

Thanks again for your very encouraging words, Joe !

Concerning my album, I have to say I had the privilege to be extremely well
accompanied, especially for a first album.
I don't know for the US, but Dominique Di Piazza is a living legend in
Europe & Asia, Remi Toulon is one of the best french pianists (qualified "a
wonderful swing machine" by Rhoda Scott), and I also had Sebastien Charlier
as a guest, who played a very impressive chorus.

As you said, the CD is available on my site.

One can also listen to extracts here :

Concerning Antonio's album, the themes were so difficult to be played on a
diatonic that after long hours of training, playing exactly with him didn't
seem so complex :-)

Best regards,

Jerome Peyrelevade

2016-04-20 20:47 GMT+02:00 Joseph Leone <3n037@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

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> > 2016-04-05 23:56 GMT+02:00 Joseph Leone <3n037@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> >
> > Ok, what happened t'other day was that a package came in the mail from
> France. It contained 2 CDs. I was able to play one today as I was on the
> road
> > and my little car has a good mp3 player.
> >
> > Hot dang..I was totally stunned. Not an easy task to stun me, but there
> I was. I had to pull over and listen to this CD by 'Jumpin Jivin Jerome
> Peyrelevade'
> > Le Roi et l'harmonica diatonique. Admittedly this is modern jazz and may
> be a bit deep for some, but I think it is 'Fantastique'. And this young man
> IS quick.
> >
> > Some of the runs reminded me of Django's style. Some of the timing
> reminded me of the famous 'Spain' (by Barbieri). But all in all it is the
> most original
> > sound I have ever heard. A bit of French influence on bee bop, re bop,
> hard bop, and Latin. Oh, did I mention that this guy is quick?
> >
> > smokey-joe
> >
> Update:
> Ok, Sunday night enroute to the gig I had a chance to listen to the second
> CD sent to me by 'Jumpin Jivin Jerome' (Peyrelevade). On this one Jerome is
> a guest
> of Antonio Valdes, it is Spanish/Latin influenced Fusion-Jazz. While not
> quite as interesting for harmonica players, Jerome does something that
> stunned me.
> And trust me, I am not easily stunned. Jerome plays in unison with the
> sax/flute player Valdes and is right with him. Note for note.
> I mean there is absolutely NO time lag between the two of them. Not even a
> split second. This is extremely difficult to do. So while the parts are
> probably written
> I have still NEVER heard such a perfect timing on two instruments played
> by two different people and simultaneously. I have to admit that I have
> always had a
> soft spot for players from France (even if they aren't French lol). They
> never play mechanically. They play from the guts. They don't just play to
> make notes. They
> play life. It must be something in the water? Perier anyone?
> One can listen to extracts of the album, and order it (CD + mp3), here
> (english speaking) :
> smokey-joe & the Cafes.

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