Re: [Harp-L] Copper/Stainless Steel Combs for Marine Band and Golden Melody

Combs with greater mass make a harp sound brighter to me, and lots of players with good ears, to the point that it can be problematic to manage on custom harps with high quality reedwork. I used to feel they offered an advantage. But as I've evolved it's just an extra complication I have to deal with. My preference has come back strongly to sealed pearwood. Which kinda sucks for me, because I don't enjoy scraping the yucky stuff off a comb, instead of letting an ultrasonic do it's thing while I make a repair.

> On Oct 28, 2015, at 6:26 AM, bad_hat@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Having gone through a metal comb phase, brass Filiskos then Steve's stainless steel what I'll say is I've come back to woods and composites.  Dead flat and air tight are the properties in a comb I'm looking for.  You don't need a metal comb to achieve that. 
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