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I really think the modern harmonicas are all very good. If you like brass
reeds, the Seydel Session Standard harps are about $15 cheaper than the low
Manji's and there is a wider selection. I'm really liking the stainless
reeds. A Session Steel is about the same price as a Manji. They all play
about the same as long as they are not leaky and gapped reasonably. I don't
prefer harps put together with nails, however I am very fond of my four
year-old Eb Marine Band.

Low Manji harps are available in C, D, E, Eb, and F
Low Session Steels are likewise available in those 5 keys plus Db and F#
The Seydel Blues Favorite is available from LowLowF to HiA

I have a Low F Manji and a legacy Low Eb Special 20 and and many Low Seydel Pro 12, Session Steels, and Session Standard harps. I like the Suzuki and Seydel harps out of the box, but usually find a reason to go to the dark side and open them up to tweak them.

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I'm curious how you would all rate low note harps in terms of brands:
Suzuki Manji m20...Hohner
Thunderbird...Seydel.  Any info about differences or comparison would  be

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On 6/7/15 1:24 PM, Steve Hayes wrote:
I'm playing Seydel Solist Pro 12  Steel SBS-type low harmonicas when
possible. The low-notes are very  saxophone-like and are great for

How does  that work, the SBS tuning resolves in 13 holes hence Hohner's
use of a  365-14 comb and plate as the basis of this tuning.  Does Seydel
just  leave the top 2 notes off of the  harmonica?

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