Re: [Harp-L] Low tuned Harps

I'm curious how you would all rate low note harps in terms of brands:   
Suzuki Manji m20...Hohner
Thunderbird...Seydel.  Any info about differences or comparison would  be 
Blues Girl Phyllis
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bad_hat@xxxxxxxx writes:

On  6/7/15 1:24 PM, Steve Hayes wrote:
> I'm playing Seydel Solist Pro 12  Steel SBS-type low harmonicas when
> possible. The low-notes are very  saxophone-like and are great for
> octave-blocking.

How does  that work, the SBS tuning resolves in 13 holes hence Hohner's 
use of a  365-14 comb and plate as the basis of this tuning.  Does Seydel 
just  leave the top 2 notes off of the  harmonica?

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