[Harp-L] Traintime

One of the first  tunes that inspired me to learn to play was "Traintime"
by Cream.   Today I was thinking that all these decades later,  I'm still
not quite satisfied with my own attempts to duplicate Jack Bruce's
signature chugs in the song.  I can get reasonably close,  but something
still eludes me.

I have to wonder - was Jack Bruce that good?   Or am just not approaching
it in the right way?     How many of you feel you can precisely duplicate
the basic riff of "Traintime"?

I'm wondering whether SPAH in Denver might be a good place to ask someone
to teach me.   Who would be the best person to ask?  Paul Davies?  Joe
Filisko?  Michael Rubin?     Imagine the fun of a whole table of students
at the "Teach-In" getting that train rolling!

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