Re: [Harp-L] Traintime

Yes, Jack's 'Traintime' is a nice piece of rhythmic 'trainstuff' , and a
good deal better than a lot of pommy harp from back then. (I know there
were some good players, but a lot of what
I heard on record back then was pretty ordinary) I wonder how much of the
'train' tradition people have listened to though. Yeah, I like Jack's
playing here, but there are just so many great train pieces, I don't really
see what
all the fuss is about. Joe Filisko features a heap of amazing train pieces

On 17 July 2015 at 05:21, David Fairweather <dmf273@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> One of the first  tunes that inspired me to learn to play was "Traintime"
> by Cream.   Today I was thinking that all these decades later,  I'm still
> not quite satisfied with my own attempts to duplicate Jack Bruce's
> signature chugs in the song.  I can get reasonably close,  but something
> still eludes me.
> I have to wonder - was Jack Bruce that good?   Or am just not approaching
> it in the right way?     How many of you feel you can precisely duplicate
> the basic riff of "Traintime"?
> I'm wondering whether SPAH in Denver might be a good place to ask someone
> to teach me.   Who would be the best person to ask?  Paul Davies?  Joe
> Filisko?  Michael Rubin?     Imagine the fun of a whole table of students
> at the "Teach-In" getting that train rolling!

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