Re: [Harp-L] Re: harp-l "forum" in future?

Thanks for all the comments folks.

I have no problem with the email list format but I do like the forum format
as well.

Regardless of the "interface" or "post retrieval" process I think the
success or failure of a group is driven by interest in the topic,
participation, and content.

I had forgotten about the Google Groups option... which is basically the
same concept as a forum... but... do the email post go to Google Groups in
real time or do they require an admin to manually initiate the "update" to
Google Groups?

Thanks again for all the comments.

Figure It Out :-)

On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 12:16 PM, Peter S... <p.stris@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Apologies in advance to the list owner for perpetuating the OT.  I would
> like to offer some info that might be helpful to many of the folks here
> that
> worry about clogged inboxes.  I moderate a professional list that is hosted
> on googlegroups, but most people do receive individual emails as with
> Harp-L.  I put together a short bit on managing emails with topic folders
> in
> outlook or most other email programs.  It can be read here:
> Also of note is that Harp-L is both a traditional listserv but it is
> mirrored on googlegroups.  So we can have our cake and eat it too!  We can
> receive emails or we can just do the thread based reading on the website
> just like a forum, but without sections.  Or do it both ways (like pursing
> and blocking - there's the harp content :-) ).  Go to the googlegroups
> webpage for this group at:
> Anyone can read the posts there.  I would guess that you would have to join
> harp-l at googlegroups in order to post from there though.
> Cheers!
> ...........Pete in Alaska
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> When I came on the list in 2000, and slidemeister in 2001, I liked the
> direct post format. Even if I went away for 13 days and came back to find
> 129 posts in my mail box, it was no big deal to go through them. It may
> have
> taken 2.5 hours if I read them all. Which is what I used to do. Now I can
> go
> through them in 44 minutes. And I like the idea of being able to post into
> posts at my leisure.
> OR dump posts that don't pertain to me as an island. Like anything with
> tango, blues, altered tunings, famous old players, who died, and like that.
> And I can hold ON to posts for later perusal.
> Slidemeister had gone to a forum format several years ago, and while it
> offer a huge number of options and services, I find it to be a pain in the
> shorts in some respects.
> The problem with a forum, is that everything is broken into categories. And
> if you are not on top of the recent posts, you have to go all the way back
> through the previous posts to understand what the Swahili is going on. In a
> way, that takes MORE time and you could wind up spending it on stuff that
> doesn't interest you, once you get back to the beginning. You also loose
> topics if you don't punch on them AS they are occurring. Then you have to
> constantly surf and search backwards.
> Hey maybe I'm all wet on this one, but if harp-l were to go to forum, I
> would seriously consider dropping out. Yes, I DO understand that there are
> those on the list that have precious little time to go through all the
> posts
> as they come in in real time, but I never found it to be that big a deal. I
> can cut the grass, read some posts, fix the bathroom exhaust fan, read some
> posts, go to the super market, read some posts.
> So I happen to like the direct mail approach. And I respect other
> viewpoints.
> smokey-joe

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