[Harp-L] Re: harp-l "forum" in future?

I just use the "Digest" method. When I first signed on I was getting a bunch of individual posts in my inbox every day, but the digest method combines about 8 to 12 posts (depending n the size) into each email. Now I have much less email in my inbox and I can read through the digests at my leisure.  The only drawback I can think of to using this method is you don't get the posts "real time", but I don't think there's anything on here that warrants that level of urgency.

Just be careful when replying to not included the entire digest.  ..LOL  ..been there, done that!

Keep Harpin'!
Pat Powers

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> Just wondering if there has ever been any talk of moving harp-l from an
> email list to a standard online "forum".
> And if not I'm curious about the reasons... other than "this is the way we
> have always done it" :)
> I've used email list for years but over recent years have become fond of
> the 'forum' format.
> Anther concern is membership. It is fairly easy to discover online forums
> and there are a number of active harmonica forums... The email list is, in
> the opinion of many, old technology and is not as 'visible' to, other than
> the most aggressive, potential new members.
> But, maybe the email list keeps it more exclusive... I dunno?
> bth, who are the list admins and/or owners? Just wondering.
> No problem either way. Great group.
> thanks,
> Opus314
> *figure it out*

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