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I don't think this is correct.

Toots is using a Greg Heumann Ultimate 58 mic, customized from an SM58 with a shorter magenta colored barrel and a volume control. It resembles a Fireball due to the short length and reddish color of the barrel. You can see it here:

and you can see Toots using it here, in a video from October 2012 (mic is clearly visible at 1:44):

I attended one of the sessions for Toots' CD East Coast, West Coast, and can affirm that he did use an SM58 on that occasion, per his stated preference. However, I've also seen photos of him using a large diaphragm condensor with a pop screen for the CD Your Precious Love. The Affinity sessions may have also been an occasion when the engineer could pry the SM58 out of his hands.


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It is true that Toots used to use an SM58 in the past, but for several
years now he had been using Audix Fireball-V. 

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