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Martin Oldsberg wrote:
<  TootÂs sound on that record is just as great as the record itself and one that IÂd seriously want for my diatonic, but canÂt <seem to find. Alas.
<  Any insights on this would be warmy appreciated.

Toots has said in interviews that he prefers to use a Shure SM58 in the studio (because every engineer has one and knows how to use it), but the record he did with Bill Evans (Affinity) doesn't sound to me like it was recorded with an SM58.  (Maybe that's just because I don't much like the sound of an SM58 with harmonica, and I do like Toot's sound on that record.)  I would place a small bet that the engineer set up a large diaphragm condenser mic in the studio for him.  The warmth in the sound suggests either a tube mic or a tube preamp (or maybe just the kind of analog mixing board that was the state of the art in the 1970s).  

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