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Steve - 

I'm sorry that you're getting a negative impression of SPAH.

Trust me, the convention itself has none of this political hype going on. The entire five days is a contact high from the shared enthusiasm, and the hang time - informal learning and jamming, along wtih the more formal seminars and performances, the ability to interact directlywith the vendors and manufacturers - it's all amazing.

I thk  that anyone who has been to the SPAH convention (really more of a festival) will agree that you don't want to miss a great event in August, because of some of the talk going on in March just as voting is about to start.


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Is it just me or is this SPAH election starting to look/sound like a bunch of folks running for some government office?

I'm seeing "message" statements along the lines of "throw out the insiders","change and hope", "croonyism", "We're great and they suck."

My experience of various such organizations and soicieties is that they quickly become clique-ish, with all the various cliques accusing all the other cliques of being clique-ish while promoting their own non-existent inclusivness.

I'm not a member of SPAH. I kind of thought about it and of attending this years conference, but nah. Too much monkey business for me to get involved in.

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