Re: Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Small mp leak

On Mar 16, 2012, at 11:37 PM, Music Cal wrote:

> Thanks to all for your helpful tips on plugging mp leaks. I just received
> the sample of sheet silicone that I ordered. The thickness looks very good
> (0.011 in) but it is not very compressible. So it looks like I will have to
> send another email to AA Acme rubber and see if they can send me a more
> compressible sample.

Uh-Oh...AA Acme are the suppliers to all the equipment that Whiley Coyote uses. Not saying that their stuff is bogus. Maybe Wiley is just using it wrong?  lolol
> I like Smo-joes Elmer's Glue suggestion. How does Elmer's hold up under
> saliva?

You are just putting a tiny amount on the seam. In abt. 4 min. you wipe the seam with a wet cloth. The only glue left is IN the seam. (Don't press too hard). 
After 12-13-14 min, it is solid enough to play on. In a few hrs. it is set...AND fairly hidden/protected from saliva. 
> Winslow's suggestion of rubber cement is intriguing. I would want to
> investigate the toxicity of the stuff.

Anything, even the liquid electricians tape will 'gas off' in several hours. Rubber cement is safe well before that. Most of the stuff I use is 'liberated' from my wife whom is a quilter, and has many hobbies. Worn razor tips from a 'cuttlebug'  are great for cutting the teflon sheets. Snapped off chips of razor blades will also work in tight corners. Have fun with your projects. 

Oh, and btw, if the comb is SO uneven it's still hard to seal against the mouthpiece parts, you may want to hone down the comb face on a dead flat piece of glass coated with fine emory paper. Remember to remove the spring. 
> Larry, how's the compressibility of the teflon sheet you mentioned? I would
> guess it would be to rigid.
> Vern. All of my chromatic harps have leaks to varying degrees. I would like
> to be able to rid myself of all of them in a robust manner without having
> to spend lots of time tinkering with each.
> Music Cal

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