Re: [Harp-L] Small mp leak

On Mar 15, 2012, at 6:14 PM, Music Cal wrote:
> Does anybody know of a rubber-like material that does not smell, is thin
> enough for this purpose (.005 in to .01 inch) and is FDA grade (safe around
> food so safe in one's mouth)? The material of Ziploc food bags does not
> have an odor and its FDA grade but it is not thick enough or spongy enough
> for a good gasket.
> Music Cal

I once used red hot water bottle rubber. It was the correct thickness. Unfortunately, the water bottles these days aren't smooth. They have a pebble grain finish., and too thick anyway.No good. I'm still thinking. (Every time my family throws something out, I study it for possible harmonica uses.....and 'I' do the garbage. lolol)

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