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I have an update on my post concerning air leaks between mouthpiece and
slider apparatus. In addition to the leaks on the outside top and bottom
edges (which I can see by back-lighting the harp in a dimly lit room) I
also find leaks in the same plane that go from one hole to the neighboring
hole. I can't see these leaks visually like I can with those on the top and
bottom edges of the mouthpiece. To find these leaks I slid one of my shims
(one of those security strips that are often attached to CDs) into the
mouthpiece hole and between mouthpiece and slider apparatus.

I have not tried Smo-joes paper gaskets yet. I am waiting on a sample of
silicone sheet which I will try first.

Has anybody else used a paper gasket? One of my concerns with silicone is
that it could have a bad taste associated with it. I have not been able to
determine if the samples that are being sent to me are FDA grade silicone.
I was able to obtain some FDA silicone (to thick for a harp gasket) from
another supplier and it definitely had a rubbery smell to it.

Does anybody know of a rubber-like material that does not smell, is thin
enough for this purpose (.005 in to .01 inch) and is FDA grade (safe around
food so safe in one's mouth)? The material of Ziploc food bags does not
have an odor and its FDA grade but it is not thick enough or spongy enough
for a good gasket.

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