Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic: Advantages of each position

What makes you choose one key over another to learn a new tune? (When it's
your solo, and you can choose any key you want.) And for the sake of this
question, the same C chrome harp.

Let me put aside for a moment these conditions for key preference - -

   - for the singer
   - for an instrument in the band
   - I only have this one harp
   - I only play C chrome in C, F and G (one sharp or one flat)

Have you started learning a song in one key, only to find that another key
(on the same chrome harp) suits it much better? ...more notes in a row,
with less mechanical concern? (breathing or slide)

And how about decorative figures, grace notes, that utilize the slide or
note pattern in a way that wouldn't be easily duplicated in another

Range Master: "clear on the left? clear on the right?"
(Easy, boys, I got my Kevlar shield on) <grin>

Robert Hale
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