Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic: Advantages of each position

On Mar 13, 2012, at 2:29 PM, Robert Hale wrote:

> Will there be a presenter at SPAH12 teaching how to choose positions on a
> chromatic? Even though all notes are present, I imagine some modes and
> scales "layout" better in certain positions, both for comfort and for
> expression.
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I'm not real sure (so don't go by me), but I don't think positions are viewed as crucial on chromatic. Standard notation & tab would be the norm and one would tend to talk as:
'Being in this key or that key'. As for playing various keys on various keyed chromatics in order to obtain a third (variouser) key, I suggested doing that many years ago. It fell like a lead zeppelin.   tickle snicker


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