Re: [Harp-L] Trill on OB 5/blow 6


I've stumbled into the realm of trills and found a few good ones. Here's
one I've been testing out on the streets of the French Quarter.

"Tongue-block octave trill" on holes 3 and 6 blow, either shake your head
or the harmonica to alternate between the (3--6) octave blow and the (2--5)
octave blow. Let's take a C harp for example. The warble sounds a little
"interesting" on a G chord and great on a C chord. The key with that kind
of trill is keeping the octave clean. If you want to get all fancy you can
slap the tongue for a little rhythm. You know I would...


On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 5:50 PM, <gnarlyheman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey--
> The more general inquiry is about using overblow on one note and regular
> blow on the second.
> This specific instance is an overblow on whole five and a regular blow
> note on blow six.
> But I am curious in general about using overblown notes and regular blow
> notes in trills.
> I went to a concert on Thursday night and every single harmonica player
> (Mark Hummel, Sugar Ray Norcia, Charlie Musselwhite and more ) did a trill
> on holes three and four or four and five draw. This is evidently a standard
> harmonica move.
> And of course sometimes we draw bend when we're doing the shake.
> So this would be a related technique using over bends.
> Gary
> On Dec 10, 2012, at 3:41 PM, Rick Dempster <rick.dempster@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > John;
> >          I assume that you must mean an overblow trill on hole 5,
> resulting in an oscillation between an E and an F#, and the same on hole 6,
> resulting in a G - Bb trill. Is that what you mean? If so, yes, I do that.,
> depending on the state of the instrument, of course. The lower you go, the
> harder it is ie trilling an overblow on hole 4 (C - Eb) is pretty difficult.
> > RD
> >
> > On 11 December 2012 10:28, <gnarlyheman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Hey harp heads--anybody doing this?
> >> For our example, let's use a C--so the two notes are F# and G.
> >> I asked John Frazer, he said Jason probably does this--anybody else?

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