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Keith Dunn - another unsung hero. Relocated to Rotterdam, Holland a long time ago and is big in the European blues scene. Met him when he was a judge at Hohner's International Harmonica Championships in the 90's. Stayed w/him on one of my trips to Holland. (I actually introduced him to the internet at an Internet Cafe in Holland). Keith was very into early Miles Davis at the time, so he is my soul brother.

He is the real deal...His "Alone With the Blues" CD is a tour de force of what can be done as a solo player.

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Thanks.....funny you say Keith because that name is one of the names that
have been running thru over the years.  He was a very good Blues player in
1969 and also very knowledgable and certain he was from Boston.  He got out
in 1970/1 and think he was a Yomen (sp).  I have been on harp-l since '96
and it would be cool if he was a list member!  He is the one responsible
for my harp obsessions for which I am so greatful!!

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> Le 01/12/12 20:10, Gary Calahan a Ãcrit :
>> Gosh Peter....you made me think back when I started playing in fall of
>> '69.  Sonny & Terry, John Mayall, Will Scarlett and of course Allen of
>> Canned Heat where my heros!  I was in the Navy stationed in Iceland and
>> very hot harp player from Boston in my squadron introduced me to harp.
>      May be Keith Dunn?
>      Sunnyside


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