Re: [Harp-L] The Bass Player Who Meant Well

It really is amusing how often a situation like this arises. What's most amusing about it to me is the bewilderment of the non-harp player asking about it. 

I recall a time when I had just started playing out, and I was sitting in with a popular trio. The lead singer/rhythm guitarist (who is a major player in the community, and has had plenty of experience playing with harp players) said to me "Grab your C harp!" I assumed we'd be playing in G...but no. It was in C. So much for thinking he'd managed to pick up on the concept of cross harp over the twenty years of playing the pub circuit with veteran harpists. LOL :-)

                                                                            - Hawk
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I played at an open blues jam, tonight.  Had fun.

But after my set, the bass player -- another jammer -- came up to me...  He wanted to be sure I knew that he had switched to the key of C during my solos, for my benefit.  I gave him a funny look and asked, "Why would you do that?"  And he answered, "Because...  well...  isn't your diatonic harmonica in the key of C?"

A "teachable moment" if ever there was one.  And I took full advantage of it, let me tell you.

Elizabeth (aka "Tin Lizzie")

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