Re: [Harp-L] positions you can use with diatonic

In his arrangement, Mark includes excerpts from:  "Secret Agent Man"/the
James Bond theme, "Bonanza," "Meet the Flintstones," "Partita in E" (J.S.
Bach), and "Nutcracker Suite" (P.I. Tchaikovsky).

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 9:48 AM, Buck Worley <boogalloo@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Good stuff. If you look on the credits on season 1 you will see my name.
> It was a real treat working with those guys. Yes, Terry played the harp and
> was a good friend and I was just the Producer's Assistant (grunt). I was
> between gigs and got the call from TNN to help Rusty Wilcoxen. Rusty used
> to be a news anchorman in Shreveport and I knew him way back then. When
> they called me back for season 2, I had to choose to go back on the road
> doing The Unknown Blues Band gig doing what I would rather do. Performing.
> Mark was the band leader in an all-star, A-Team Nashville band that backed
> artists that included some of music's great names. My favorite story was
> when Larry Carlton and wife Michele Pillar were doing the shows and
> Michele's guest was Marvin Winans. On the way to the gig, Michele asked me
> how Marvin was getting along with the band and I told her that Marvin was
> giving Matt Rollins "black lessons". It became the joke of the day. It was
> a season that I will never forget even though I was not performing.
> Buck Worley
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> > Cara Cooke writes as follows:
> >
> > " By the way, one of the most spectacular and memorable fiddle moments in
> > Mark O'Conner's performances when he was younger was a showpiece moment
> in
> > "Orange Blossom Special" (a tune, itself, specifically devised decades
> > ago to showcase the fiddle).  Somewhere in the blue train vamp, before he
> > moved on to the really fast melodic portion, he played the theme from
> "The
> > Flintstones" with each phrase ascending one half step from the last until
> > he was back where he started.  He did it with the panache to carry it off
> > and make it musical.  Even in a repeated performance, when you knew it
> was
> > coming, the end result always got a smile from the audience.  It was sort
> > of a "PDQ Bach" moment for bluegrass."
> >
> > A clip of that performance (or a subsequent one) can be found at
> >
> >
> > WOW!  Great harmonica in there too!
> >
> > Betsy

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