[Harp-L] positions you can use with diatonic

Cara Cooke writes as follows:

" By the way, one of the most spectacular and memorable fiddle moments in
Mark O'Conner's performances when he was younger was a showpiece moment in
"Orange Blossom Special" (a tune, itself, specifically devised decades
ago to showcase the fiddle).  Somewhere in the blue train vamp, before he
moved on to the really fast melodic portion, he played the theme from "The
Flintstones" with each phrase ascending one half step from the last until
he was back where he started.  He did it with the panache to carry it off
and make it musical.  Even in a repeated performance, when you knew it was
coming, the end result always got a smile from the audience.  It was sort
of a "PDQ Bach" moment for bluegrass."

A clip of that performance (or a subsequent one) can be found at

WOW!  Great harmonica in there too!


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