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On 04/01/2012 08:08 PM, Elizabeth Hess wrote:
I'm curious about "the list getting full."

I was recently (playing harp) at an open jam where there were many more jammers than expected, and they handled it by putting larger and larger groups of people on stage per set as the hour got late.

Do you limit the number of people who may sign up and then close the list? Not that I'm in danger of running a jam anytime soon, but I'm always interested in how other people do it.

i've seen it done different ways. one local jam has a signup sheet with specific time slots. you sign up for the time slot you want, either as a band, or an individual. in the latter case, they mix in other players as needed. the advantage of this method, at least in the band case, is that you can tell when you arrive whether you've got a slot, and can bail or let the other band members know before they haul their stuff there.

another just has you sign up as you arrive, and he tries to fit
everyone in.  usually this works, but as you described, as the
night goes on, he often crams way too many people on stage.
the problem is made worse in that he lets his house band play
too much; they are almost always on stage.  i've  played late
sets there that had drums, bass, keys, 3 guitars, harp and sax.
which just gets ridiculous.

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