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Yep... the LP-1 is pretty expensive! I went back and forth between the LP-1 or Ableton and decided on the LP-1 for a few reasons. 
1. I didn't want to be dealing with a laptop on stage. 104 degrees and high humidity at a festival... etc. etc.
2. I wanted zero latency. I would be running Ableton with MIDI pedals and it's very very fast but the LP-1 is instant.
3. General laptop headaches regarding upgrading the software, upgrading the OS, upgrading memory, compatibility etc.
4. I am a "pure" live looper in that I use NO backing tracks/prerecorded loops or tracks for any songs.

That being said there are many many successful loop artists that use Ableton with a slew of MIDI controllers with fantastic results. I think that there are many advantages to Ableton including:

1. As many tracks as your laptop can handle and almost as many parameters as the LP-1.
2. Updates create an ever-improving product. The LP-1 is pretty set in stone.
3. Ability to trigger backing tracks. If you want to do this, Ableton is king.
4. Ease of live recording your shows. This is a big big plus in my mind.
5. General show flexibility. You can run a light show with the laptop... or trigger video loops...

Either route requires a hefty price tag and a lot of set up time. These are not 'plug and play' options. If I switch to Ableton in the future I'll let you know :)


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I looked up the LP-1, about $1250 new, phew!   But you don't get 8 independent tracks for cheap...

I wonder if it would be less expensive and equally functional to run Ableton Live on a laptop from the stage?  

Whatever the price/performance ratio, it sure sounds good.

Regards, Richard Hunter 
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Hey Richard,

I'm using an Eventide Eclipse for all of the looped harp work. I brought my Crystal Ball-->Victoria 45410 rig for solos because it was a large room and I thought it would be fun to cut loose on it... if you listen closely near the end (solo) you can hear it cutting in and out and I switch back to my Fireball V-->Eventide. I need to get it serviced apparently... I didn't use an octave doubler on harp but I did sing a vocal bass part through an octave doubler that is the same Bo Diddley beat part and that's probably what you're hearing on this fan-made cell phone recording. There is a lot of slap echo etc in the video too...

I loop with an LP-1 and it has 8 independent tracks. On Desire I use 7 tracks.


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> Noah Hoehn wrote:
> <I had a great time with my solo show this past weekend and someone recorded my version of U2's "Desire".  My amp <was crapping on and off and the solo is very meh... but the looping is quite intricate so I thought some would <be interested. I switch between the A and B sections of the song like the original, add harmony vocals to the A <section w/o them playing right away, isolate the drums, isolate the bass etc.
> <
> <
> This is a cool performance.  The harp sounds very big and good.  What's the rig?  I saw a Tweed Bassman-type amp in the back line, couldn't read the name plate.  Thought I heard an octave doubler on one of the harp lines too.
> It sounded to me like the drum/percussion loop was running independently of the harp loop.  Are you using a looper with multiple independent loop lines?  Very cool to be able to start and stop individual instruments in the mix independently.
> I'm sure the audience heard the harmonica in a different way when that performance was over.
> Regards, Richard Hunter
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