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When those people leave, the system can't function without them.  You have
to have capacity in those around you to at least carry the torch.  It is
also hard to be transparent, think outside the box, account for all the
logistics, etc without the input of others.

That doesn't mean there is a straight democracy and checks and balances.
The boss is the boss, but a good boss will have a team around him/her that
supports a similar mission while offering unique skill sets to the group.

IME, it is a lot easier to be a dictator when you have buy-in, lol.  I am
totally joking around, as I know you don't mean a dictatorship.
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On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 2:41 PM, The Iceman <icemanle@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Mike Fugazzi sez
> <<I have to disagree that having a couple of people running the whole thing
> behind the scenes is the way to go>>
> even when it was a successfully proven model that worked??
>  It always amazes me when people criticize the concept without checking
> out the successes that were a result of that concept.
>  I'm for success and what works. Why reinvent the wheel when you have
> proven models to emulate....?
> All your other points are EXCELLENT ones.

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