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SPAH simply needs to be proactive in adopting to the changes in society in
an effort to stay with the times as it relates to harmonica.

I am not saying gut the whole thing, but get with the times. It is like
trying to be Blockbuster when Netflix is all the rage.

I want to see someone apply this to SPAH:


I think the actual convention can easily balance a range of generations,
but there are 51wks a year where the easiest way to reach and impact the
greater harmonica community is through the Internet. SPAH should be the
informational HUB of all things harmonica - and since we live all over the
world, this is the only medium that would really work.

We can all count on our fingers the number of popular harmonica outlets
that really impact the niche of hardcore enthusiasts, and honestly, I don't
see the purpose in trying to attract the attention of even some of the
fringe harmonica lovers.

SPAH needs to focus on actual harmonica players and resources and not
trying to reach the masses. They need to tie in with these sites, vendors,
and players in a way that benefits everyone.

Heck, off the top of my head - I would gladly endorse something like SPAH
through my site in return for even a mere listing on their site somewhere.
That wouldn't cost anyone anything.

There are a lot of cheap ways to have a great tie-in with the harmonica
community and gain exposure and popularity, and eventually some money.

Like I said, SPAH resources should be the first thing to pop up in Google
and YouTube when asking questions about harmonica. Heck, when I search now,
MBH and Harp-L come up 80% of the time on Google.

If I go to YouTube and type in anything related to one of Greg's mics -
SM57 for harp, wooden mic, etc - I should see a gear demo of Greg
demonstrating his stuff done by SPAH. It should be like harmonica NAMM
stuff on YT.

I am just rattling off random stuff to illustrate that SPAH needs to be the
HUB of harmonica online and use modern technology to gain in popularity.

Shit, people on this forum have made careers off the internet and for
little money. Imagine all the great harp minds working together to do the
same for SPAH!


I have to disagree that having a couple of people running the whole thing
behind the scenes is the way to go (some people on the net have hinted at
that). I like the idea of a democracy and committees with experts serving
in each area. I think you avoid 90% of the politics when you have sane
people working on a common goal.

Which reminds me, what is SPAH's mission statement? I went to the site and
didn't see it. There is half the problem. Have a mission, organize to reach
that mission and let the greater good of that mission determine what really
goes on day to day.

BTW, if your mission statement is longer than a sentence or two, it sucks.
If it takes more than two clicks for me to find it, that doesn't work
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