Re: [Harp-L] Conspiracy credit

They couldn't at least produce enough of the things to cover those who

I respect the effort, innovation and guts, but without integrity and honor
it means nothing to me.

Years ago there was a guy on this list who collected money to produce a CD
set of submitted harp l members' music. He kept collecting and posting on
the list and saying that it was in process and would be finished soon. It
never happened. I only lost a little money but it still burns me because I
put my trust in someone who didn't follow through and honor my trust.

I also look at it this way: I WORKED for that money, and the time and effort
I spent to get it I will never get back. So I was ripped-off twice.

The incident above is why I didn't advance pay for a B-Rad harp when they
were offered. If anyone out there did so and isn't bothered by the promises
made and the money they lost, then good for you.

 If it was me, I would be very angry about it.

On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 12:28 AM, jarett yuknalis <jarett_y@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Friend of mine confirmed the sale of Harrison  harps.At least Brad gave it
> hell and proved the reed manufacturing of other makers was fradulent and a
> conspiracy .He will go down in history as the one who revealed the truth.He
> deserves a medal.It just makes so much more sense for longer reed life to
> vertical mill a reed rather than horizontally mill it.It took a guy with
> peanuts in his pockets and courage not to back down.This man deserves a
> medal in my book.Thank you Brad Harrison for giving it hell.Am I all alone
> here ,or does someone else feel the same?

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