[Harp-L] attaching reeds using screws

I am having some reed plates custom made and intend to attach the new reeds with screws rather than rivets.  I have seen examples of small self-tapping screws being used but I want to tap the holes myself and use small machine screws, similar in size to the ones used to hold marine (and other harps) bands together.

I need to find out:

What size screws are those that are used on reed plates?  

What is the next size smaller or is that too small?

What is the diameter of the typical (Hohner) rivet hole?  How do you measure that accurately?  Is there a special tool?

Where would I get a tap for threading the holes?

Etc, etc.

If any of you tech oriented folks has some answers, or some leads, please let me know.  Thanks in advance.

Doug H

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