Re: [Harp-L] attaching reeds using screws

On May 29, 2010, at 8:22 PM, Doug wrote:

> I am having some reed plates custom made and intend to attach the new reeds with screws rather than rivets.  I have seen examples of small self-tapping screws being used but I want to tap the holes myself and use small machine screws, similar in size to the ones used to hold marine (and other harps) bands together.
> I need to find out:
> What size screws are those that are used on reed plates?

For chromatics where you attach a valve to the other side of the reedplate:
  Flathead screws with a countersink on the other side of the reedplate and a nut above the reed.........00-90
  (Flathead screws and countersinking may not be required on un-valved diatonics)

  Round or socket head screws tapped into the reedplate and you must very slightly enlarge the hole in the reed...................0-80

There are metric equivalents.  Harponline  uses 1.4mm screws.
Harponline will sell you the tools and screws and give on-line instructions how to do it.
> What is the next size smaller or is that too small?
Don't know.
> What is the diameter of the typical (Hohner) rivet hole?  
They are approximately 1 mm or .039" new.   If they have had a rivet in them they will be somewhat larger.

> How do you measure that accurately?  Is there a special tool?

You find something that fits snugly such as a rivet, a #60 twist drill, or a ground pin made for the purpose and measure its diameter with micrometer or calipers.
> Where would I get a tap for threading the holes?
MicroMark or McMaster-Carr

I am sending Doug offline instructions on how to attach reeds with glue.


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