Re: [Harp-L] How fast can a harmonica be played compared to other instruments?

2010/12/1 Vern <jevern@xxxxxxx>:
> To answer your question about speed listen to Franz Chmel  play the Carnival of Venice variations:

> John Popper also plays very fast.
John Popper, Sugar Blue, Jason Ricci play fast. But they play fast
patterns which can be played fast on richter diatonic, their own
diatonic patterns. OK, let's take fast tune, not set of licks in
improvisation. Let it be Donna Lee by Miles Davis/Charlie Parker.
Howard Levy can play it pretty fast in Ab on Ab diatonic. Can he play
it so fast in A on the same diatonic? I think no, but everything is
possible about Howard Levy. For violin it's easy in any key.

> Blackie Schackner played the Flight of the Bumblebee and Hora Staccato fast.
Flight of the Bumblebee is musical colledge tune for violin and flute
student, which are far from virtuoso. For harmonica this tune needs
pure virtuosity, and for diatonic harmonica it's almost impossible
(can Howard Levy?) in original tempo.

P.S. I love playing harmonica, and I want to play as good as possible,
however I think it has some limitation.
Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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