Re: [Harp-L] How fast can a harmonica be played compared to other instruments?

Diatonic harmonica can be pretty fast, but only in one key, while key
doesn't matter for violin.

2010/12/1 dmf 273 <dmf273@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I was wondering if anyone has studied the response time of harmonica
> compared to other instruments?   Is there a measurable limit to how fast a
> sequence of notes can be executed on a diatonic or chromatic compared to say
> a piano, trumpet,  sax or violin?  I would imagine that a chromatic harp
> would have to be slower than a diatonic if only because of the slide
> introducing some delay.   Are there studies comparing other musical
> instruments in this way even if harmonica was not included?

Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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