RE: [Harp-L] SPAH 2009


> From: venkyr@xxxxxxx

> I agree with Richard Hunter's take on improving
> SPAH- just some of the basic amenities to run the
> events successfully. If you are retired you have all
> the time in world to "step up to the plate"; but as
> I suspect, some of you have a serious day job. There
> is nothing wrong with making constructive
> suggestions. As to not having enough signs to direct
> delegates to their destinations, or poor "Jams"
> structure- the onus lies with the Publicity
> Director- it is not just about getting the word
> out on the radio or TV.


I have to defend my bad-boy friend Warren Killah Bee here:

I believe that the jam structure is firmly set by Mr. Filisko and is probably not going to change.

I believe that hotel signagage and way-finding is up to the host club and the hotel -- this can definitely be addressed for Minneapolis. 

---thoughts, Mr. Yerxa?

Michael Peloquin

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