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Richard Hunter's criticisms of gaps in communication for SPAH 2009 - both before the event and onsite - are well taken and have already been taken up in earnest by the SPAH board.

I don't recall Venky being at SPAH 2009 - if I'm wrong, please forgive me; I was in constant motion and could easily have missed you. If you were there, then fine, I'm all ears and will transmit any comments to the board. 

It is true that SPAH needs to do a better job of communicating specific information about the event, both to potential attendees in advance and to actual attendees during the event. That's not Warren's job, however. He did his work of publicity to external media superbly well, and I think this probably played a large part in our near-record attendance despite the bad economy and the location that was remote from so much of the trandition attendance base.

Despite the acknowledged problems, the comments I heard most often from attendees during the event were "Best SPAH ever" and "It's running so smoothly."


Winslow Yerxa

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> I agree with Richard Hunter's take on improving
> SPAH- just some of the basic amenities to run the
> events successfully. If you are retired you have all
> the time in world to "step up to the plate"; but as
> I suspect, some of you have a serious day job. There
> is nothing wrong with making constructive
> suggestions. As to not having enough signs to direct
> delegates to their destinations, or poor "Jams"
> structure- the onus lies with the Publicity
> Director- it is not just about getting the word
> out on the radio or TV.


I have to defend my bad-boy friend Warren Killah Bee here:

I believe that the jam structure is firmly set by Mr. Filisko and is probably not going to change.

I believe that hotel signagage and way-finding is up to the host club and the hotel -- this can definitely be addressed for Minneapolis. 

---thoughts, Mr. Yerxa?

Michael Peloquin
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