Re: [Harp-L] Harp purchases:suzuki

As Kiwi blues and I live in the same country* I have had the great pleasure of once sharing a Harp mike at a Live Jam and then talking harp into the wee hours.
She has been an assiduous student of the Harp and had many of her submissions go gold on the Jam site.Not one of mine have ever been near.

So: Kiwi suggests Suzuki Bluesmasters to me as a great Harp and given that i can buy them here without the hassles of internet purchase i dived in and bought two(A and D)
All it did for me was reinforce the mantra that we,as harmonica players, are all different and one mans(or in the case of Kiwi,woman's) meat is another's mans poisson.(sounds fishy)
To me they just sound too quiet,wimpy?.I play L/Os and they will take any amount of 'crunch'
I really don't know why I am writing this:perhaps it is just the sheer wow factor of another NZ 'er being mentioned on the 'L(apart from Brendan Power)G' Day Brendan

in NZ
*'Kiwi lives about a hundred miles away from me ,which to the Australian and American members is like, Next Door! To the British and various EEC members it is my god ,I'll have to book a hotel and take a packed lunch.......

Several discussions have been held with kiwiblues, , via the web forum. She had been acquiring her Suzuki's via E-bay. Her preferences are the Mr-350 for playing gig's and the MR-250 for her students to learn their 'licks'. (BTB Her Suzuki outlet has been found to be in Auckland. Saves her S&H, shipping and handling!)

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