[Harp-L] Harp purchases

Hey List - Primarily a SP20 player, but when I have a few spare bucks, I like to test drive different diatonic harps to see what's out there. It seems that we have a growing # of harmonica mfgs. and models and customizers to tempt us and  it makes for interesting shopping bang-for-the-buck discussions.  I've had some customized SP20 harps as well and loved them. 

I am usually dissappointed with Mfg. out of the box purchases when compared to the SP20, but last year I bought an upmarket Suzuki Firebreath Harp online and was pretty darned impressed  - I can't afford to have a stable of these, but was wondering if any one out there has experience with Suzuki's MR-350 Promaster Deluxe, or the Bluesmaster as compared to the SP20? 

What other harps do you SP20 players experiment with? Anyone find a different axe that competes well with the SP20?

Best - 
Ross Macdonald

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